Saturday, 6 December 2014

What Green Tea can do to your Skin

Green tea is very popular because of its many benefits. Scientists claimed that green tea can lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood, and obesity. Its active ingredient which is polyphenol is the substance that makes green tea rich in antioxidant. Polyphenol protects our body from free radicals, infections, body toxins, cancer and cardiovascular damage. Green tea has a lot of health benefits, it increases the antioxidant tissues especially the blood and improves the lipid such as the stickiness of bad cholesterol. But did you know that green tea can help our skin too? Ageing is caused by active build up of free radicals which were mentioned above. Free radicals were form naturally but pollution, extreme sunlight and exposure to chemicals can be contributor too.
Our body has chemical called superoxide dismutase that functions as a vacuum that will mop away free radicals from damaging our cells. Catechins, one of the main content of green tea, improve the activity of our body’s superoxide dismutase. Green tea demonstrated that its formulation can reduce sun damage to your skin. In traditional Chinese medicine, green tea when taken as complexion tea and all its substances are used to cure skin diseases including skin cancer. Green tea extracts also has agents that protects your skin from UVA and UVB that can damage our skin. Some companies produce green tea cream too this is best used together with your skin care products. You can also use the tea leaves as toner, extract it by dipping tea bag in lukewarm water and gently apply it to your skin like normal toner.

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